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Board Planning


It is essential to plan for the future, whether you are a grass-roots movement or a highly organized and supported not-for-profit. As your organization changes, so do your objectives, audience and ways of communicating. I will help your team develop a plan for long-term success.


Congratulations – you have accomplished your goals! Now – are you prepared to take on larger projects and work with a wider variety of partners? Growing pains are a real thing. Let’s work together to create a plan for sustainable growth.


Are you recruiting, managing and acknowledging your volunteers effectively? People who donate time, talent and word of mouth are essential to your success. If you understand their motivation, they can  contribute in more impactful ways.  Even if you are a non-profit, it will affect your bottom line.


Board members are your best volunteers and fundraisers. If they are disengaged, how can you energize them? How are you cultivating and recruiting new board members? Motivating and involving them is worth the effort. Let’s work together to accomplish your board development goals.